Custom Fabrications

Although everything we make is custom made to our customers specifications, some parts are truly unique. These parts were made to customer specifications using sheet metal fabrication. The process utilized include laser cutting, sheet metal stamping, forming, welding, grinding, painting, and assembly. These parts are used in the Transportation, Agriculture, Medical, Fast food, as well as Minor and major capital equipment industries.

Industries We Serve

• Transportation
• Agriculture
• Medical
• Fast Food
• Minor Capital Equipment
• Major Capital Equipment

Processes Utilized

• Laser Cutting
• Sheet Metal Stamping
• Forming
• Welding
• Grinding
• Painting
• Assembly

Penasack is a contract manufacturer specializing in sheet metal fabrication with the capability to manufacture individual components or complete turnkey electromechanical assemblies.

Some Custom Fabrication Projects

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrications - NY


Custom Sheet Metal Fabrications - NY

Custom Mixer

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrications - NY

Stainless Steel Tank

Water Eliminator


Stainless Steel Tank

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