With over 40 years of experience we have perfected our cleaning and pretreatment process. This is a critical function for proper adhesion and corrosion protection, plus our chemicals are environmentally friendly.

Our Coatings Range from Functional to Decorative and Everything in Between

• Corrosion Resistance
• Anti-Slip
• Impact Resistance
• Electrolytic
• Anti-Graffiti
• Cosmetic
• Various Gloss Ranges
• Textured
• Multi-Colored

Industries We Serve

• Transportation
• Agriculture
• Medical
• Fast Food
• Minor Capital Equipment
• Major Capital Equipment

Materials We Paint

• Stainless Steel
• Cosmetic Stainless Steel
• Mild Steel
• Aluminum
• Specialty Metals

Penasack is a contract manufacturer specializing in sheet metal fabrication with the capability to manufacture individual components or complete turnkey electromechanical assemblies.

Some Recent Painting Projects

Sheet Metal Fabrication Painting -NY

Junction Box

Sheet Metal Fabrication Painting -NY

Circuit Breaker Box

Sheet Metal Fabrication Painting -NY

Bridge Plate


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